Let me say 让我说 episode 2

Reader Letter:

Hi Yuki, something to share.

My story with a Malay senior. It all started when i was still in secondary school. Back then, i was still young and ignorant when i know him. He’s my senior in the school and we started to message each other and hanging out for sometimes after we get to know each other in a chance.

Later, i found out that he actually got a girlfriend before we get together.

I was utterly sad but i didn’t ask him or even mad at him. I still remain the relationship with him, pretended that i know nothing about that he cheats me for some times. Until the day he message me, asking for break up. That moment really sucks, i don’t even know if i felt released or sad.

I let myself staying blank for a short period, around one month. I told no one about the matter as i don’t know how and the one that are close to me are not around me. ( I mean my friends) I know it’s kinda foolish but I told nothing to my family members too because i don’t wish to trouble them.

Until recently, before I know your story and you start your page, i told my close friends my stuff and some of them are surprised how I suppressed my feelings that time.

To me, this is my lesson learnt:
1. Treat yourself well as no one will “really” treat you well in the world without asking for returns except your family members
2. Be sure to have a good habit in having a way to release your emotions, ie to have a sports or hobbit
3. Life goes on, treasure your life well because you are the ones who’s having the remote control of your life.

I hope others who read my articles or who are also having similar situation could have benefited

From YamYam.

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