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Heal & Cope Yourself with Love Care Life: Testimonials 见证

Testimonial 见证

Today’s post is about paying it forward.
It is about being a blessing to others regardless the situation you are in. It is about keeping the cycle of love going. And this post is inspired by none other than the people in LCL, especially our beloved founder Yuki Ng.Yuki has shown us that, even in the midst of the darkest period in her life, she still has the ability to pull people up and inspire people. She still strive on to spread Love, to motivate and encourage, and she never stop believing in doing good.In doing so, she has set Love in motion. She has taught us that, you still can offer your love, giving value, to people who can’t do anything for her. To people who can’t understand her pain, to people who don’t believe in her. All she is, she gave all of herself. All of her love, she so willingly share it with the world. And the end result? Many, many lives are transformed. Mine is one of them.Another inspirational figure is this amazing lady in LCL, Celine. She had gone through a traumatizing experience of love gone wrong, but yet she refused to bow down to defeat. She still believe, she still persevere, and each and every weekend, she inspires hundreds with her posts here in LCL. From a state of being beaten down by the very thing she hold dear – Love, she rises up and beyond her fear and relentlessly encourage others to do the same as well. She embodies Love, and I strongly believe Love will find her back.

In quoting both of such great people, I wish to spread the message to keep the cycle of Love going. Whatever you give out to the world, it will return to you many folds. In the end, the transformation will be in you yourself. You will become someone so great that you truly will feel blessed to be such a blessing to others.

Yuki and Celine and everyone in Team LCL, you have my utmost respect. Salute. Continue to do what you have been doing, continue to be Love, continue to be blessed by being a blessing.

With deep love,
Admin KC :)) — with Celine Chia.


Love Care Life 爱心关怀生命陪伴你勇敢面对一切在你人生中正在发生或已发生的打击与创伤,
又如果你是属于不善沟通者, 害羞内向,希望在自我空间里进行自我疗愈与应对你的问题。
希望我们Love Care Life的网络义工们专为你而设计的相关内容能帮助到你早日走出人生的低潮期。
Keep Fighting! Don’t Give Up Yourself! Love Life!

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  1. i agree with every thing above. you are in my prayers and thoughts every day.

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