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Today’s post is about recognizing your overflowing abundance. It is about being a blessing to others. It is about giving your gift to this world.

Many a times we found ourselves feeling very centered around our own issues, own burdens. All day long, what we are thinking of is to solve or lament about our life issues. Some of us take pro-active steps to better our own lives, to overcome challenges, to keep moving forward. And I applaud you for that. But my friends, I also do urge you to do more than what you think is sufficient. I urge you to be selfless and in the midst of overcoming your own mountains, lend a helping hand to others in overcoming theirs.

You must understand that we are more than who we think we are. We are not here in this world for just ourselves. We are here so that someone out there can benefit and grow because of the gift we bring to this world. And thus humanity gets better and better overtime and the cycle of reaching out to others perpetuates itself. In doing so, we not only shine our light for others, we too develop ourselves into the person we will be proud of.

Many a times you will find that by reaching out to others, your own problems are solved or you suddenly have a solution to your own issues. This is the beauty of giving – it always leave both sides smiling. It always love.

With much love,
Admin KC :))

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