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Big Blog Exchange 2013 让[爱心关怀生命]随着梦想飞翔到世界各地散发正能量!

One becomes great because he or she dares to pursue their dreams. Do not ever give up on yourself or your dreams. Keep on trying until these dreams become reality.

Hi everyone! I have decided to participate in the Big Blog exchange, an exciting, unique and exclusive project where sixteen passionate bloggers would be selected at the end of the competition phase to swap lives, blogs, cultures and places simultaneously in real life for ten days.

The initial round of this competition kicks off with the selection of the top 100 from the thousand of participants through an online voting process. A panel of jury members will then review each blog on its content and inspiration for taking part in the exchange, before whittling them down to just 14 finalists. Additionally, 2 more wildcard bloggers would also be selected based purely on their passion, inspiration and their motivation in being one of the 16 ambassadors. Finally these bloggers will be sharing on their personal experiences while they immerse themselves in the local cultures of the different places they are going to visit for the next 10 days and the voting site will be open for voters to pick their favourite blogger!

I really hope that I will get the chance to represent Asia for this event and to at least make it into the top 100 most prominent blogs. I am certain that my success if it should come would also be the success of my dear supporters and readers who have help me realise and fulfil this dream together believing that we indeed can become great because we dare to pursue our dreams and make it a reality.

Please follow this few simple steps to cast your vote for me.
Step 1:
Please go to this website http://www.bigblogexchange.org/blog/182006
Step 2: Click on the pink coloured VOTE button
Step 3: Key in your EMAIL address into the type box
Step 4: A verification email will then be send to your EMAIL account. Please click and verify your vote by clicking on the link provided. The vote will only be counted upon clicking on the verification link send out to your email.
The closing date for this voting process will end on the 15th of April 2013.

Lastly, please do post this blog link on your Facebook wall or email and share my participation with all your friends help me to make this dream a reality by encouraging them to vote for me. Please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks and to let each and every one of you know that I am really grateful for all your support.

My Motivation
Dear Readers, I would like to start off by sharing a bit about myself. I was born and raised in Johor, Malaysia but has resided in Singapore for a few years now and is now holding a permanent resident status in Singapore. My initial purpose of starting this blog was to express my inner feelings and emotions with regards to a series of unhappy incidents which had happened to me leading up to the last minute cancellations of my planned wedding. What make the hurt and pain I felt more immense was the fact that this sudden cancellation was due to a betrayal in the relationship and the involvement of a third party.

Somewhere in December 2012, the series of events of my story were published on Facebook and attracted the attention of tens of thousands of netizens. The sharing of my pain and setbacks of the events which eventually led to the calling of of my wedding has also attracted a high volume of netizens who have also experienced the same and were able to relate to what I am going through. Words of encouragement pour in by the hundreds and thousands and a lot of these readers also came to the Facebook page to share their views on what has happened to me.

While sharing my experiences, I came across a particular reader who was suffering from severe depression due to her husband’s extramarital affair. She told me that she has been following my Facebook blog since its launch and revealed to me that she has planned and attempted suicide multiple times. Through our numerous exchanges online, I share with her my experiences on how I attempted to overcome the hurt and betrayal I went through. We were able to relate to each other due to our similar experiences and we ended up supporting, counselling and encouraging each other on. Eventually with the aid of my much needed helping hand, she decided to drop the idea of suicide totally and muster her courage to face up to life bravely. With the constant support and advice of not only me but also a group of friends I’ve gathered, she managed to salvage her family and her husband acknowledge his wrongdoings and ended his affair. Words cannot express the happiness and warmth in my heart when her husband contacted me to apologize for his wrongdoings and thank me for helping him and his wife through this testing stage of their life.

It was through this life transforming event that motivated me to finally decide to setup my YUKI NG FB BLOG not only as a form of two-way communication for my readers to stay in touch with me, but also for them to relate with and share their own experiences. Subsequently, the [LOVE.CARE.LIFE] Facebook community page was also launched by me as a charity campaign to call forth and gather volunteers from every corner of the world to participate in the mission of impacting lives and to utilize the social media as a one stop meeting point to plan for future events and activities relating to our cause. The purpose of the [LOVE.CARE.LIFE] campaign is to create a circle of trust and care to reach out to people who are in need of a helping hand with the hope of helping them to overcome their struggles and difficulties in life. Most importantly, we most hope to reach out to those who are suffering from depression, psychosomatic traumas and suicidal tendencies by being there for them to aid them to recover and to help to successfully reintegrate them into our society. I sincerely hope that I can contribute and play a part in this humanitarian project in creating a more gracious and loving society.

My current objective is to bring my volunteers into the understanding of the simplicity of kindness and care aiming to awaken the good nature of humanity. What I hope to do is to leverage on various technological platforms to bridge the communication and distance between my volunteers to strengthen cohesion and team work. By leveraging on each others’ strength and uncovering the hidden potential within, we hope to be able to spread love, hope and faith to every corner of the globe. We hope that by doing so, we can awaken the fighting sprit from within of those who needs help to spur them on towards overcoming each and every obstacle and challenge that stands in their way. Our world will only change for the better if we believe so and by participating in the Big Blog Exchange, I hope to be able to help spread the cause of [LOVE.CARE.LIFE] around the world.

关于我 General Information About me:
♥ Email: yukinstar@gmail.com
♥ Twitter: Yuki Ng @Iamyuking
♥ Instagram: yukidehappiness
♥ Email: yukinglovelifecare@gmail.com

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最后,请帮忙【发电邮】或【传分享】在Facebook邀请你的家人朋友一起来投票吧!请帮YUKI NG达成梦想,美梦成真!谢谢您的支持!感恩♥

我出生在马来西亚,目前定居在新加坡。开始写Blog原先只是想舒解与释怀内心压抑着因婚变所带来的伤痛,Dec 2012在FB公开部分Blog内容后引起了多个国家读者们的高度关注以不同角度和观念来议论这起事件。我分享的伤痛经历吸引了一大群同病相怜的心灵创伤者与我交流,其中一名忧郁症患者追踪我的Blog时透露了她想自杀的倾向。我马上用互联网联系的方式关心和鼓励她并集合网友们正面的精神支持成功感动了她放弃自杀的念头选择勇敢的活下去。这股具影响的力量让我有了使命感想继续写Blog, 开设了YUKI NG FB Blog来联系网友读者的交流并成立了[LOVE.CARE.LIFE]FB PAGE公益活动集合各国各地自愿的网络义工们利用网络资讯和计划筹办团体活动,共同努力献出互相关爱互助共存的精神来帮助受重创伤后无法走出困境阴影而引发的后遗症包括患上噪郁忧郁症, 自虐自残, 自暴自弃糟蹋人生甚至是放弃宝贵生命的人, 我希望能为社会人群做一点贡献。 我的目标是以真诚来唤醒人们心中最初那真善美的灵魂, 利用多媒体科技拉近人与人之间的距离, 团结互动, 一起散发出超强正能量在世界每个角落, 让世界每个人的心灵都被温暖着充满了希望, 凭信念坚强的站起来勇敢面对人生中的每一个挑战和挫折。 改变观念和角度, 世界也会随着你而改变! 我参加这国际博客交流计划就是为了鼓励读者们, 人能因梦想而伟大,不要放弃自己, 勇敢让美梦成真!


♥ Yuki Ng

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